Paul Schultz

Paul Schultz has worked at Chrysler Corporation in a variety of management roles over the last 12 years. Paul holds an MBA in finance from Wayne State University and a BA in supply chain management from Michigan State University.
Kenneth Schultz has over 15 years of extensive experience building and investing in high growth start-up businesses and is responsible for evaluating investments, structuring and negotiating transactions, managing due diligence, and portfolio company monitoring. Most recently, Ken was Chief Financial Officer of Enova; a Chicago-based online consumer finance company that grew from $10mm of revenue to over $500mm of revenue during his six year tenure. While at the company, he was responsible for all accounting, finance, human resource, talent management and legal/compliance functions.  Enova was sold to Cash America (NYSE:CSH) for $255mm.

Prior to Enova, Ken worked as an investment banker for Lehman Brothers in New York City and A.G. Edwards in St. Louis, MO.

‚ÄčKen earned an MBA in finance and entrepreneurship from the University of Chicago and a BA in accounting from Michigan State University.

Kenneth Schultz