Headquarters: New York, NY

Talk Market is a revolutionary video online shopping platform that powers the creation of tens of thousands of conversion-increasing product videos as they lead the charge to turn online shopping into a brand new entertaining experience.

Headquarters: Indianapolis, IN

SonarMed is an early-stage medical device company commercializing technology to improve the placement and monitoring of breathing rudes, addressing a critical unmet medical need and a market worth over $2 billion worldwide.


Headquarters: Chicago, IL

Pangea Properties is a real estate investment trust (REIT), specializing in multi-family residential buildings in the Midwest.

Headquarters: Chicago, IL

Protein Bar is a quick service restaurant chain that is the destination for on-the-go professionals by offering consumers the essential protein they need to live a healthy, active lifestyle. Currently at over 15 locations in Chicago, Washington DC, and Colorado.

Food & Beverage

Real Estate


Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

Booshaka harnesses social media technology that classifies and trends customer engagement, making it relevant, useful and interesting for a wide range of consumer businesses.

Financial Services

Investments - Portfolio

Headquarters: Chicago, IL

StyleSeek is an e-commerce personalization platform for lifestyle products, brands, and editorial.

Headquarters: Chicago, IL

Opternative is improving peoples vision by creating the world's first online eye exam.


Headquarters: Chicago, IL

Avant Credit is an online installment loan lender to middle market consumers.

Headquarters: Chicago, IL

Eligo Energy is a retail energy supplier that supplies energy to both residential and commercial customers in deregulated markets.

Headquarters: Denver, CO

OrthoFi is a revolutionary practice growth management system that empowers top Orthodontists to start more patients by optimizing patient credit risk.

Headquarters: Chicago, IL

Eastman Egg Company is building a better breakfast sandwich in Chicago, IL. Farm fresh, artisan breakfast sandwiches made with local ingredients whenever possible.

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